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About Us




Pedestal Pallet has been in the used pallet and pallet repair business for over 30 Years.  In that time, we have built a strong reputation for customer service, coming in the forms of speedy deliver, and offering a high quality pallet at a competitive price.


Our services include manufacturing, repairing, buying and selling of pallets, along with a complete wood removal service.  With our wood removal service we provide your company with a trailer, to be loaded with scrap wood that you accumulate.  The scrap is then disposed of at a DEP approved recycling facility.  Also, located in Pennsylvania we have two mills that can provide your company with new, custom-built pallets built to your engineer's specifications.



With the understanding that your company cannot afford to operate using a low quality used pallet, Pedestal Pallet believes its pallet repair has to be of the highest caliber to be able to withstand the potential high weight it may have to hold.  Also, keeping in mind that your company cannot afford to have poor service we are confident that our company can provide the type of truck that is best suited for the receipt of your order. 


Even though service is very important, we realize the need to be competitive in our pricing structure.  Keeping this in mind, we have a variety of programs that we use to tailor to the customers specific needs.  We take all of our customers seriously, and want to provide the type of service that they need. 


Please contact us for a free price quote or to set up a program to meet your company's  specific needs.